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Thank you for visiting Star Support! Any donations made will go towards creating safe spaces and support services for LGBTIQ+ survivors of domestic abuse. As a grassroots organisation, we need public support to deliver our services.


Donations allow us to make a direct and lasting impact in our community, through work such as our accommodation scheme, community support groups and advice services. Please scroll down to find out what we are currently fundraising for. 

If you are an individual or a company there are a few different ways you can directly support the project through our Page on the Peoples Fundraising Platform:

START A FUNDRAISER - Takes just a few minutes to set up and will give you an easy link to share amongst friends and colleagues.

BECOME A MONTHLY SUPPORTER - Monthly Supporters gives us the funding stability we need to fill gaps in funding. For example, monthly funding allows us to provide additional support to survivors in crisis such as food and other essentials. 

MAKE A DONATION - All donations go into our unrestricted funds. This pot of money gives us the funding we need to respond in a crisis; from booking a taxi for someone fleeing domestic abuse to providing new residents with soft furnishings and a grant to buy things to make their new room their own. 


Two freshly prepared rooms at Star Refuge 

Alternatively, you can make a donation via PayPal.

Our current call for fundraising!

Move-in grants

We are currently fundraising for small grants for survivors who just moved into our refuge. These grants of £150 per person allow the survivor to personalise their space, whether this be buying some plants, kitchen items and other things to make their room feel their own. 

Carys's Space 

We are also fundraising to furnish our therapeutic room 'Carys's Space' in our refuge. This room needs to be transformed into a warm, tranquil and safe space for survivors to spend time engaged in group work and other activities. 

We're raising money to cover the cost of new furniture, soft furnishings, art, lighting, plants and some therapeutic items for our neurodiverse residents, such as weighted blankets, fidgets and other equipment. 


Our new therapeutic room called 'Carys's Space'

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