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TRANSforming Spaces 

TRANSforming Spaces is a new project which aims to create systemic change for trans and non-binary survivors of domestic abuse. This will be done by undertaking trans-specific casework and using the subsequent learning from our community to inform new educational resources. This will be used to educate and improve the wider, mainstream domestic abuse and homelessness sectors. 

We have received funding to work with domestic abuse or housing-based organisations to improve their position on trans inclusion. This will involve equipping organisations with the knowledge and skills to be able to offer a better service to trans survivors. This service will be provided at no cost to the organisation involved. 

We view this work as a three-stage process and intend to help the organisations we work with move along by at least one stage:


the organisation has developed a position statement on trans inclusion.


the organisation has a policy which improves their offer to their trans customers and staff members whilst also supporting staff to feel confident when working with trans customers/colleagues. 


the organisation positively celebrates trans peoples lives and the contribution trans people make to society.

If you are a manager within a domestic abuse or housing-based organisation interested in this project and looking to improve service, please 

The project will also include a virtual conference in early 2024, sharing some of our learning and hosting workshops by legal professionals and other key stakeholders. If you are interested in attending this conference, please sign up to our mailing list (link). 

Tools and resources created through this product will be shared on this page, so please check back in the future.

TRANSforming Spaces is a new project, funded by TRANSforming Futures. 

TRANSforming Futures is a joint programme between Stonewall, LGBT Consortium, Be North, CliniQ, Galop, Gendered Intelligence, GIRES, Mermaids, Sparkle, and UK Black Pride, designed to create meaningful and lasting change for trans communities. It is funded thanks to National Lottery players, by the National Lottery Community Fund, the largest funder of community activity.

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