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Volunteer with us 

We are excited to start inviting volunteers to Star Support! We're currently looking for volunteers to help out during our weekly community support group Star Lounge and our monthly support group Femme Thursdays. 

Here is some more information about these groups...

Star Lounge is our weekly support group for LGBTIQ+ Survivors of Domestic Abuse. Through a range of creative, therapeutic and structured activities, this group helps LGBTIQ+ survivors of domestic abuse to work gradually towards recovery. We also go on regular trips to interesting and relaxing places in London. Find out more about Star Lounge here.


Femme Thursdays is our new monthly support group for trans-femmes and non-binary people who feel they would benefit from a femme-focused space. This group will receive mentoring and coaching, around topics such as navigating sex, healthy relationships (intimate, family and friendships), boundaries, sharing trans-fem experiences and supporting each other through sisterhood. Find out more about Femme Thursdays here.

These support groups give our community members the opportunity to build new supportive networks, reflect on their experiences and build confidence and life skills. As a volunteer, you would play an important role in creating a welcoming and safe space for our community members, assisting staff and helping so each session runs smoothly. 

Your role would include:


  • Greeting community members as they arrive, introducing them to the space and other community members if they haven’t been there before.

  • Providing community members with basic information about the running of the group and the kind of support they can expect to receive from staff

  • Sharing your skills with the group (this might be cooking, art and crafts, music, mindfulness or CV writing assistance)

  • Cooking healthy meals for the group

  • Going to the shops and assisting with travel reimbursement

  • Supporting staff and community members on day trips


About you:


As a by-and-for organisation, we ensure at least 80% of our staff and volunteers (including board members) identify as LGBTIQ+. Therefore, we generally aim our recruitment at LGBTQ+ people. In some instances, we may accept someone who does not identify as LGBTIQ+, if we believe they would have a meaningful contribution to Star Support. We are particularly interested in recruiting board members who identify and being part of the global majority and those who identify as survivors. 


Application process


If you would like to volunteer with us, please fill in our volunteering application form. Once we have reviewed your application, we may ask to arrange a friendly phone or Microsoft Teams call to discuss what volunteering position might suit you and your availability. 

Application form:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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