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Online Safety

If you are experiencing domestic abuse, the internet and digital technology can provide you with vital access to information and services, as well as keeping you connected to friends and family.  

However, abusers can control and monitor your online presence, so some important steps should be taken to increase online safety.


We have gathered together some useful tips and resources to help improve your online safety and reduce the ability for someone to track your online activity.

Make sure you...


  • Always clear your search history (here's a reminder to do this after visiting our site). You can easily delete specific web searches, without deleting your entire browsing history. Link to instructions

  • Are the only one who knows your passwords and update them regularly

  • Turn location sharing off: Check GPS, Find My Friends, Snapchat, etc in your phone's location settings. Link to instructions 

  • Check privacy settings on social media accounts: FacebookSnapchatInstagramTwitter

  • Create new accounts and email addresses only you are aware of

  • Be aware of potential audio/video recording in the home (Alexa’s, Video Doorbells and webcams)

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