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Hate Crime Community Outreach and Resilience Project -  Protection Approaches  

We are taking part in a hate crime prevention and support project, run by Protection Approaches. This project helps organisations to better support their communities by improving their legal understanding of hate crime, encouraging community-centered approaches to prevention and support, and learning around policy change. 


It was great to meet a range of other London-based organisations who are all working to create safer and more connected communities and reduce the prevalence of identity-based hate. 




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Photos from our training sessions, including our Senior Support Worker Taz, sharing their ideas with the group

Having attended our training sessions, the Star Support team identified three things we would like to achieve as part of this work:


  • To gain greater insight into the prevalence of hate crimes committed against LGBTIQ+ people, by exploring existing data and gathering our own.

  • To become a third-party reporting centre, in partnership with The Outside Project.

  • To push for the legal acknowledgment of hate crime within LGBTIQ+ people's experiences of domestic abuse, ensuring that abuse that is directly motivated by LGBTIQ+ identities is not erased from statistics.

Over the next 5 months, we will be working on these aims to create a better understanding of how hate crime presents in LGBTIQ+ experiences of domestic abuse and the effects this has on our community. In August, we will meet again with Protection Approaches and participating organisations to hear about the work we have done for the project. 

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